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Growing in Pre K


This patterning printable is free to download at my Teachers Notebook shop.

I also have a 69 page Cowboy/Rodeo/Ranch themed printable file there. It includes games, puzzles, calendar pieces, emergent readers, word wall

cards, songs, and pages for a class book. Visit this blog post to see pictures from the file.

A Puppet Barn made out of a wardrobe box. The animal puppets were purchased at a dollar store.

This is one of the small pocket charts sold at the dollar section of Target at back to school time.

I cut Texas postcards into two piece puzzles.

The students glued the blue and red rectangles onto large white construction paper and then added a star by using a stencil and white paint. We really emphasized following directions in this activity since it was important to get all the colors in the right places (left, right, top, bottom, middle, etc.)

Stamping bandanas

 Deep in the Heart of Texas (the heart marks where we live)

Texas song:

There is a state

It's the Lonestar state

And Texas is it's name-o

T - E - X - A - S

T - E - X - A - S

T - E - X - A - S

And Texas is it's name-o 


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Growing in Pre-K
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