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Growing in Pre K

Photo Gallery

Centers Centers Pizza Restaurant The most popular center! Empty pizza boxes, play wooden pizza, aprons, cash register, menu, tomato sauce cans, and imagination... 35854406 Center Chart 35931887 Our Grocery Store Fruit and vegetable posters, empty grocery containers, cash register, baskets, shopping bags, coupons, and we left up the kitchen (not pictured) for cooking demonstrations. 35854408 36294955 Grocery store 2009 58179849 Paper scraps, cropping scissors, hole punches 58179851 Color paddles from Oriental Trading 58179852 Discovery Bottles 58179853 Play dough with cookie cutters 58179854 86485591 Science Center 58179855 Sandwich Shop 83899561 Dice addition 83899582 Zoo from 83899784 ABC Caterpillar 83899601 Pom Pom Caterpillars (Mailbox) 86485588 Junk shape sorting 86485589 86485590 Writing Center 86485592 Sending letters 86485593 Coin Sorting 86488468