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Growing in Pre K

Photo Gallery

Emergent Literacy Emergent Literacy Environmental Print Bulletin Board The kids love reading these familiar logos. 35549651 Cover of Firefighters book I made this book from pictures taken while the fire department visited our school. 36472811 36472813 36472814 We made this after we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar 36472812 36472815 Our Thanksgiving Class book 36472816 Our Class Community Helpers Book Each child told and illustrated what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up. 36472817 Our Class Gingerbread Man Book Each student chose what to tell the Gingerbread Man and illustrated their page. 36472818 Our cloud book Inspired by Eric Carle's Little Cloud. This student thought her cloud looked like a heart. 36753909 Shrek Cloud 36753910 magnetic letters in a cookie jar lid I have the kids read "it," then say what happens if I change the t to an f? Etc. 39508212 Ideas for them to draw on their Native American vests 39508213 Pocket chart activity that goes along with I pass out the animal words to the kids at circle time and they bring them up one at a time as we read the repetitive phrases. 39508214 Texas postcards cut into two piece puzzles 39508215 Letter Pig 39511615 Bottle of B's 39530157 86484057 86484058